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Yearly Archives: 2011

Upland may not have much to brag about, but I’ll tell you what, our wind could beat your wind any day of the week. Yep. You heard that right. I’m braggin’ about our winds!

As a photographer, I love wind. I love the movement it gives my pictures. I love the authenticity it creates.

But, admittedly, sometimes our winds can be a little out of control. The Brunner family was fortunate to have their session scheduled on day when Upland had 40mph gusts. Lovely! We found a location that was slightly protected and had a fun family mini session.

I first shot Quinn when she was three months old. I love watching clients grow. She’s getting so big!

My favorite shot of the day! You’re beautiful, Iris!

Today I marry my best friend.

We’ve all heard that phrase before but Sean and Carrie really meant it. As they stood before their friends and family at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, their story was told. Their story of meeting in college in 1989. Their story of a 22 year friendship.

I was honored to capture a milestone in this story…

Carrie. Stunning.

I had a fun time capturing Sean’s many faces. Here’s one of them:

Sean and Carrie opted to see each other before their wedding ceremony (yeah!) which allowed me to capture that first look and gave us plenty of time for taking wedding photos of them TOGETHER!

Someone’s impressed!

Carrie & Sean…Thank you for welcoming me like an old friend and allowing me to capture your special day. Enjoy!

Through the years, I love that I’ve gotten to hang out with high school friends, extended relatives, friends’ extended families, etc. through my business. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa, one of my husband’s friends from high school. And get this– she was his first car date! As in, I’m 16, I just got my license, and I’m going to ask someone on a date. Okay, Melissa, maybe you didn’t remember that! I don’t think Mike remembered it until a few days ago! Needless to say, I enjoyed spending time with these beautiful girls on a perfectly beautiful fall evening!

I’ve learned something about myself as a photographer. My tagline is “authentic life. captured.” I’ve always known that, to me, meaningful pictures are those that seem real, natural, authentic. But I think I can actually take that a step further; capturing authentic relationships has been a primary focus of mine in the past couple of months.

Tom and Jillian have three small children. That may not always be easy, but I sense you’ll be able to feel the JOY they have for their kids– and each other. Here’s a few of my favorites from their session:

When Holyn’s mom contacted me from Arkansas I knew I wanted to try to fit Holyn into my schedule this fall. Her mom grew up in this area so this place is nostalgic to both of them. We had fun at the antique cars, the covered bridge, a schoolhouse on her grandparents’ property, and even the streets of downtown Upland! Here’s a few of my favorites: