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Monthly Archives: July 2011

They grew up about ten minutes from each other but never met. He was five years older and went to the catholic school so their paths never crossed. After high school, he went to Northwestern on a football scholarship and then got drafted by the NFL, living in New York and Scotland before eventually landing in Chicago. She went to college in Florida followed by Northern Illinois University and then moved to Naperville.

A few years later, they were in their hometowns, spending Christmas with their families. After extended family time, they ended up at the same local bar with friends. He caught her attention immediately because he was:
a) tall
b) wearing a white cashmere scarf over a topcoat
c) very loud

If truth be told, it wasn’t love at first sight. . . . but it was memorable.

So although they knew a lot of the same people, and grew up very close to each other, they met at a bar on Christmas 🙂

Their first date was at Sullivan’s Steak House in Naperville– the site of their dinner reception. Once they started dating, they didn’t get serious for a while. He was still wild, and she didn’t have the patience for him or his behavior. But she kept him as the benchmark standard that she compared all other men, knowing they would eventually end up together. She let him change on his own and realize all the things she already knew. And he did.

Audra and Tim… you’re the best. Your wedding was fun and beautiful. Thank you for being so kind and lovely. I wish you the best as you create a life full of happiness and joy!

I loved working with this bridal party!

Jay and Cristin are currently living in Alaska.

She’s from Florida.

They met while interning in Washington, D.C.

So how does this add up to a wedding in Indiana?!

Jay was raised on a beautiful farm just outside of Lafayette. They had a picturesque wedding amongst the corn. It made me proud to be a Hoosier!

Can you say GORGEOUS?

I loved all the details that were a part of this farm wedding:

Waiting for the ceremony to begin…

The sun shown brightly for the kiss!

There was a surprise for the newly married couple just as the ceremony was ending. Check out this sequence of pictures:

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Baer! You, your families, and your bridal party were beyond gracious to me. Thank you !

Robb and Melissa met in school. He was a young high school teacher. She was student teaching across the hall. As a former high school teacher I loved hearing their story; I can only imagine how much fun their students had playing matchmaker with the two of them during that time!

Fast forward to their wedding day.

It was perfect.

Fluffy clouds. A blue sky. A happy couple.

Melissa and Robb opted for a First Look before their wedding ceremony, allowing plenty of time for pictures around the Lakeside Rose Garden. Here’s what Robb saw as she walked toward him…
And here’s what I was able to capture just seconds later… my favorite shot of the day.

Melissa relaxed in the car while guests arrived.
A sweet look from a mother whose daughter is about to walk down the aisle…

I loved working with this bridal party… and I loved that we were able to get this shot– one of my favorites of the day!

Could she be more stunning?
Yep. She can.

We headed to the reception at Baker Street Train Station.

Thanks, guys, for the privilege of documenting your wedding day! I wish you all the best!

I had the privilege of shooting the July cover contest winner for Indy’s Child Magazine. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Look at those freckles!

My favorite shot of the day: