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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Through the years, I love that I’ve gotten to hang out with high school friends, extended relatives, friends’ extended families, etc. through my business. Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa, one of my husband’s friends from high school. And get this– she was his first car date! As in, I’m 16, I just got my license, and I’m going to ask someone on a date. Okay, Melissa, maybe you didn’t remember that! I don’t think Mike remembered it until a few days ago! Needless to say, I enjoyed spending time with these beautiful girls on a perfectly beautiful fall evening!

I’ve learned something about myself as a photographer. My tagline is “authentic life. captured.” I’ve always known that, to me, meaningful pictures are those that seem real, natural, authentic. But I think I can actually take that a step further; capturing authentic relationships has been a primary focus of mine in the past couple of months.

Tom and Jillian have three small children. That may not always be easy, but I sense you’ll be able to feel the JOY they have for their kids– and each other. Here’s a few of my favorites from their session: