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Yearly Archives: 2012

He brought his The 39 Clues book to Silent Night because he wanted something to do during halftime. Oh, the irony.

Silent Night is a tradition at Taylor University. It’s received a lot of National attention during the past few years as one of the best traditions in college sports. It’s a highlight of my kids’ year.

Jonah sat about 25 feet away from us with one of his friends. At halftime, much to our surprise, he decided to dance in his seat, move down the aisle, dance down the steps, and continued dancing until he was center court. Oh my.

To say my husband and I were nervous is an understatement. We were sitting in one of the top bleacher rows and watched as our nine year old son entertained more than 2700 people. We laughed cautiously out of enjoyment and literally cried from embarrassment at the same time.
Photo Credit: Micah Hancock

I left after halftime and went to the grocery store. When I returned, I was swamped with calls and texts…

Did you know your son is now known as the Gangnam Style Kid?
Someone just said they wished they were the Gangnam Kid’s mom!
Oh, look at this– all this kid wants for Christmas is the Gangnam Style Kid to be on TV!

I discovered a video of his impromptu dance was on You can see the full article here.

Today, a picture and reference to him was on

And then there’s the actual video:

Oh my.

Many of you know Jonah, and many of you know the roller coaster of emotions I deal with as his mom. I’m honored to raise this child. He’s brave, smart, and charismatic, but his impulsivity and fearlessness are not always accepted in this world. My college roommate said it best, though, in a text I received late last night. “[Your road] has been challenging, but what happened tonight was such a fun, lively, beautiful snapshot of who Jonah is.” Thanks Beck. You’re right. That’s my Jonah.


I don’t know if theres’s a story I’ve been more privileged to tell.

On Friday, I witnessed the birth of my nephew, Salem.

This is their story…

(My brother, a.k.a. my associate photographer, picked up the camera a few times throughout the course of the day. I must give some credit to him :))

Scroll below their pictures for an UPDATE.

After spending time in Columbus, Ohio recently, I was a bit introspective about past friendships. On that trip, I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was so wild!

As trite as it sounds, friends have always been important to me. Time goes on and we’re spread all over the country, but I was reminded of the respect I have for friends through different seasons of my life.

Shortly after I returned home and tried to articulate these thoughts to my husband, I got a message from a high school friend. Chad was one of my best “guy friends” in high school. We were very different people, but we had a mutual respect for one another. What I remember most about Chad was our talks in my living room with Clearisil all over my face. Really? I didn’t even try to wash it off when I heard a knock at the door?! Nah, it was just Chad 🙂

Chad and his beautiful wife, Amanda, are pregnant with their first child, Michel, a baby girl. When he asked me to document this stage of their lives, I was honored. So I traveled to Cincinnati, got carsick in the middle of the session, and….[ahem] I’ll spare you those details!

I recently heard about a photo documentary entitled, “One Split Second.” That’s really what a picture is, isn’t it? Capturing one split second of someone’s life.

Here’s a few seconds of Chad and Amanda’s life on a lovely Sunday afternoon:


It’s a story worth telling.

She was 30 weeks pregnant and discovered she had breast cancer.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Early in Amanda’s pregnancy she noticed a lump in her right breast, and in spite of the changes her body was going through, her intuition told her to make an appointment.

The cancer was stage 2 and considered aggressive because of the speed of growth. It needed to be addressed prior to her delivery.

She began chemotherapy last Friday. It sounds impossible to undergo chemotherapy while pregnant, but there is a certain type of drug that has been researched, documented, and administered that is effective and safe for the baby.

When Chad called me, Amanda had just been diagnosed. There was an urgency to take pictures before chemo would begin and life would change.

We decided we wanted their pictures to reflect their authentic lives THAT DAY. What I saw through my camera was a marriage. They’re in this together. She needs him. He’s strong for her. She has an incredible strength. He has a unique tenderness.

Their story should not go untold, and they asked me to share it.

Know your body.
Trust your intuition.
Call the doctor.

I’m honored to tell their whole story.