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Monthly Archives: May 2013

I have a talented friend. He’s a professor, a musician, a composer, a playwright– AND a second degree black belt in tae kwon do. So yes, as my husband said, “This 6’5″ man can play you a beautiful melody and then knock you out with a roundhouse kick to the head!”

Todd is building a website and making a CD this summer. He needed a variety of pictures to fit both these projects. Although this is out of my typical business focus, it was fun to experiment with something different. Here’s a few of my favorites:

It’s always a joy to spend time with a couple before we photograph their wedding day. Troy and I are shooting Clayton and Julia’s wedding at the Patrick C Haley Mansion in Joliet next summer. An engagement session always gives us the opportunity to get to know one another a bit more before the day of the wedding.

We had to reschedule twice because of rain; that’s not the easiest thing to do when your fiance lives in a different state, but we finally had SUN, and I wanted to build on that. My vision had always been sunshine, happy, carefree pictures so it wasn’t until halfway through our session that I asked them look seriously at the camera. Uh. Are you kidding me?

They can ROCK a serious face.

I couldn’t put my camera away.

I just had to keep shooting.

We started the session with a sunshine/carefree vibe…

And then we went for a totally different look…

Thanks, guys. You’re awesome. We can’t wait for next year!

Elijah is one special boy. He warms my heart. I think it’s because he reminds me so much of my son when he was younger.

I love capturing his spirit, his energy, his momentary pauses, his smile…

Some of you may remember a few years ago that my running partner and I decided we wanted to encourage women in our community to run the mini-marathon. We planned to train with them and run with them every step of the way. That’s when I met Carolyn. I ran with her a few times, but it was very apparent she didn’t need me! She was so mentally strong and so positive…

Let’s jump ahead a little bit…

She ran the mini with her husband. She did great. She then signed up for a FULL marathon and completed her training while I was training for my marathon. Almost every Saturday, we’d pass each other. It was so fun to see her smile, exchange a few words, and laugh about the snacks she had stowed away for fuel during the duration of her run. I knew she looked great. I knew she felt healthy. I knew she was an amazing woman.

I was thrilled when she scheduled a session with me. Although it was outside of my business focus, I thought her story was an important one. It was authentic. It was dream-filled. It was a story of healing, hard work, and a positive attitude. I was excited to capture it.

Let’s jump ahead another two years…

Here’s what Carolyn said, “This is my 4 year anniversary of the epiphany that changed my life. My mission and ministry to the women I am blessed to serve is that we are created to live courageously and challenge the media images of what true beauty is. I have a few young people whom I mentor into having a healthy relationship with their body and to use their fitness, athleticism and exercise as acts of service and worship to God.

I wear a bracelet that has a quoteby e.e. Cummings. It says, ‘It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.’ There is no perfect. There is only the path that God is leading you in to bring honor and glory to Him. Despite the mess we perceive our attempts to be, we do nothing great, we serve a great God.”

I trust you’re inspired!

Josh is the last of the TFP Spokesmodels for the Class of 2014. It’s been so fun to enter into the senior world again. If you’re finishing your junior year and interested in having your senior pictures taken by TFP, see one of the spokesmodels to receive a free gift!

As you think about scheduling your senior session, know that summer is a PERFECT time. The light and colors are BEAUTIFUL. Call soon. Our summer schedule always fills up quickly!

Name: Josh
School: Eastbrook
Favorite Extra-Curricular Activity: cross country & track
Dream Job: anesthesiologist
Favorite Song: Ships in the Night
Person I Would Like to Meet: Steve Harvey
Special Talent: I can run and I enjoy it!
Favorite Movie: The Avengers
The Best Part of High School Has Been: competing in the cross country and track state finals