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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Some of you may recognize Beth, my friend and interior designer. We’ve worked together on numerous projects including my home office that was featured on I Heart Faces. She’s helped me with my kids’ bedrooms (here and here), my dining room, and my living room . I recently told a client that I could get myself 70% there, but Beth helps me with the other 30%. Beth thought that was a bit of an exaggeration. Ha!

Anyway, Beth and I trade services. She helps me make my house look beautiful, and she allows me to take pictures of her family. When brainstorming for her family session, I passed a sign advertising the Grant County Fair. I photographed one of my favorite families at a fair in Michigan a few years ago, and I still love the pictures. I brought up the idea to Beth, and as we discussed it, we discovered the metaphor. Her family is going through a transition right now. Life is a bit of a crazy ride, an adventure. They don’t know when the ride will end, when they’ll stop going in circles, and when they’ll feel settled.

Here’s art mimicking life…

He’s liked her since 8th grade. Yes, you heard that correctly. Eighth grade. Through years of friendship, persistence, heartbreak, discussions, and prayers, he finally got the girl of his dreams during their sophomore year of college. We had the privilege of photographing their wedding in Ft. Wayne, Indiana shortly after their graduation from Taylor University.

The night before their wedding, a huge storm traveled through the area, flooding their parents’ homes. Susie sent me a text that morning, informing me of the horrific night they had experienced. And unfortunately, the rain was supposed to continue throughout their wedding day.

Troy and I prepared for rain. After arriving at Brookside Church I checked the weather one last time– eighty percent chance of rain every hour throughout the day.

Guess what? It never rained. I never even felt a drop.

They had the blessing of sunshine and with the JOY that pours from Chris and Susie (as well as their parents), they smiled continuously through their wedding day. Susie’s mom even told me in reference to her flooded house, “It’s just stuff.”

We spent the day laughing with their easy-going bridal party, visiting Parkview Field, walking the streets of Ft. Wayne, and dancing our socks off at Bergstaff Place. I trust you’ll see their joy as you get a glimpse of their wedding day story.

Chris and Susie chose not to see each other before their ceremony but opted for a “blind look” where they exchanged journals and spent time in prayer.

Thanks, Chris and Susie, for a great day! Blessings to both of you!