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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Joe and Jess are planning a December wedding in Kalamazoo, Michigan and we couldn’t be more excited. We spent some time with them a few weeks ago for their engagement session, and let me tell you, this couple makes us love what we do. I think you’ll see why…

It’s always a privilege to photograph a wedding, but it was a great honor for me, Traci, to photograph a wedding at my own church. Andrew and Keren have a beautiful love story– a story that continued a few weeks ago in front of their family and friends.

Because the church is currently under construction, we chose to go off-site for pictures.

And it didn’t take long for me to capture one of my favorite images of the day :)The dress, the veil, the wind… [sigh]

Keren’s mom tirelessly made her GORGEOUS veil.

We used SNAPSHOTS! to capture Keren and Andrew with their families.

Andrew and Keren chose not to see each other, but with a “blind” look they exchanged letters and prayed together before the ceremony.

Yes, Andrew kept his eyes CLOSED!

Okay, so maybe this is my favorite image of the day!

Troy’s favorite image 🙂

Many blessings to you, Andrew and Keren! Thanks for the privilege of documenting your special day!

Molly and Eric are some of our best friends. We’ve known them for [ahem] 20 years and they were actually some of the friends that my husband and I had in common before we were dating/married. They’ve been huge cheerleaders of TFP, but it’s been way too long since I’ve photographed their kids– and believe it or not we’ve never had a formal family session! We had to change that!

Molly was raised on a farm in Muncie. The farm is a photographer’s dream with a photo op around every corner, but rather than get overwhelmed with possibilities, we stuck with her dad’s cool, old truck and had too much fun. I introduce Eric, Molly, Sam, Ethan, Eliza, and Caroline…