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Monthly Archives: November 2013

With the digital age, most wedding packages include digital images. I like the option this gives brides and wonder many times about all the wonderful ways I could use our wedding photos from 13 years ago if there would have been a digital option.

But what about a beautiful heirloom quality photo album? There’s something so special about an album– not a scrapbook, not a book from an online digital photo place, but a true wedding ALBUM.

We made the decision at TFP to start using Madera albums this year. They’re beautiful. They’re heavy, they’re flawless, and they even smell like an heirloom 🙂

Troy created Chris and Susie’s 11×14 wedding album. It comes in a beautiful, velvet-lined box to safely store your album if needed.

Look at the page thickness!

The gutter? Super thin– almost non-existent.

When I first met Alex, I could tell immediately that she was a likable, confident girl, but she warmed my heart when I asked her about her interest/activities and she replied, “old people.”


Alex works at a nursing home that was owned by my husband’s family for years. If the nursing home gig doesn’t work out, I think she could safely fall back on a career in modeling!

We had a great time at her senior session. While she was poised and confident waiting for her photographer to get ready for the next shot, I was tripping over branches, stepping in hidden holes in the ground, and tangling myself in thorn bushes. Fun times! And worth it all…