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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Here’s a few favorites from our Holiday Mini Sessions.These families know how to have fun!

We kept them a secret until Christmas cards were sent and gifts were given, but now we can share them with you! Enjoy!

With the unpredictable weather in November, I sought for ways to photograph families inside. We had a lot of fun with our holiday minis using SNAPSHOTS!, and I seriously can’t wait to share some of the pictures with you (we’re keeping them secret until the families can reveal them in their holiday cards/Christmas presents). When I made two family appointments on Thanksgiving weekend in Cincinnati, I was fearful of blustery winds, freezing kids, and red noses. It was a perfect excuse for lifestyle sessions. With lifestyle sessions, we get a peek into a family’s life.

The Salyers family moved into their new home five weeks ago. It’s a beautiful home in a picture-perfect neighborhood. I trust Laura and Scott will be able to look back on these pictures in ten years and remember the time– the time when their kids were five and 14 months and they had just moved into their new home– when Jack loved superheroes and Alaina loved anything she could get her hands on– when the past year had been way too difficult– when it was time to celebrate new beginnings.