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Indianapolisweddingphotographers054A bride that enters the ceremony through a trap door, a BLT “unity sandwich,” and a groom singing with a Beatles cover band… This wedding does not disappoint! Andy and Anna celebrated their marriage at The Opera House of Sandwich and Blackberry Creek Camp & Conference Center. It was such a joy to be a part of their unique, beautiful, quirky, FUN day!
Indianapolisweddingphotographers055Indianapolisweddingphotographers056Indianapolisweddingphotographers057Indianapolisweddingphotographers058Indianapolisweddingphotographers059Indianapolisweddingphotographers060Indianapolisweddingphotographers061Indianapolisweddingphotographers062Indianapolisweddingphotographers063Indianapolisweddingphotographers064Indianapolisweddingphotographers065Indianapolisweddingphotographers066Indianapolisweddingphotographers067We adored working with Danielle from Effortless Events and were amazed at the floral and design by Revel Decor! Andy and Anna explained they liked books and travel. With that focus, Revel turned the room into a warm, casual, BEAUTIFUL space! We were fortunate to sneak into the room at Blackberry Creek before the ceremony began.Indianapolisweddingphotographers069Indianapolisweddingphotographers070Indianapolisweddingphotographers071Indianapolisweddingphotographers072Indianapolisweddingphotographers073Indianapolisweddingphotographers074A mannequin program attendant 🙂Indianapolisweddingphotographers075Andy entered the ceremony to “Mean Mr. Mustard” by the Beatles…Indianapolisweddingphotographers076…Anna entered by a trap door2015-08-26_028Indianapolisweddingphotographers077Indianapolisweddingphotographers078Indianapolisweddingphotographers079Indianapolisweddingphotographers080Indianapolisweddingphotographers081Indianapolisweddingphotographers0822015-08-26_027Indianapolisweddingphotographers083Indianapolisweddingphotographers084Indianapolisweddingphotographers085Indianapolisweddingphotographers087Indianapolisweddingphotographers088Indianapolisweddingphotographers089Anna & Andy 🙂Indianapolisweddingphotographers090Indianapolisweddingphotographers091Indianapolisweddingphotographers093Indianapolisweddingphotographers094Indianapolisweddingphotographers095Indianapolisweddingphotographers096We stole a few more photos while the sun was setting.Indianapolisweddingphotographers109Indianapolisweddingphotographers098Indianapolisweddingphotographers099Meet the Beetles kept the party going all night long!Indianapolisweddingphotographers100Indianapolisweddingphotographers102Indianapolisweddingphotographers103Indianapolisweddingphotographers104Indianapolisweddingphotographers105Indianapolisweddingphotographers106Indianapolisweddingphotographers107Indianapolisweddingphotographers101Indianapolisweddingphotographers108Andy & Anna, we loved being a part of your day! Blessings to you and your marriage!Indianapolisweddingphotographers110

When I first met Sarah, I loved her immediately. At the time, Tyler was working on the island of St. John in the Carribean while she was finishing her final year at Taylor University. They met at Spring Hill Camps, attended different universities and spent so much of their dating/engaged life long distance. You can only imagine how excited they were for their wedding day! Sarah loved the industrial feel of Coppes Commons in Nappanee and we did too. The site was an old factory at the turn of the century that made furniture and wooden shipping boxes– among other things. Now, it’s an amish market that sells quilts, furniture, bulk foods, rugs– you name it– with an awesome reception site on the second floor! It was such a friendly, unique atmosphere and a wonderful backdrop for their wedding joining two kind people and their families.
indianapolisweddingphotographer051indianapolisweddingphotographer057indianapolisweddingphotographer058indianapolisweddingphotographer059indianapolisweddingphotographer060indianapolisweddingphotographer061indianapolisweddingphotographer062indianapolisweddingphotographer063indianapolisweddingphotographer064indianapolisweddingphotographer065indianapolisweddingphotographer066indianapolisweddingphotographer068indianapolisweddingphotographer069indianapolisweddingphotographer070indianapolisweddingphotographer071indianapolisweddingphotographer072indianapolisweddingphotographer073Sarah and Tyler did not see each other beforehand but opted for some time to pray together before the ceremony.indianapolisweddingphotographer076Tyler’s dad officiated the ceremony which took place at Napanee Methodist Church, a lovely church next door to Coppes Commons.indianapolisweddingphotographer077indianapolisweddingphotographer079indianapolisweddingphotographer080indianapolisweddingphotographer0812015-08-19_074indianapolisweddingphotographer082indianapolisweddingphotographer083indianapolisweddingphotographer084indianapolisweddingphotographer085indianapolisweddingphotographer086indianapolisweddingphotographer087indianapolisweddingphotographer088We took one picture– just this test shot– before the rain began. You can read more details in our last post, but we quickly hid under this willow tree and thought it would pass quickly. No such luck. 🙂indianapolisweddingphotographer089indianapolisweddingphotographer090While guests enjoyed games downstairs, we snuck up to the reception room to dry off and take pictures!indianapolisweddingphotographers034indianapolisweddingphotographers035indianapolisweddingphotographers036indianapolisweddingphotographers037After a bit, we decided to explore elsewhere in the old factory. We found this abandoned room with no air conditioning. It felt GREAT since we were wet and allowed us to take some dramatic, memorable pictures. Although it’s not our typical style or what we initially had in mind for their photos, we love them because it’s what makes their story unique.indianapolisweddingphotographers038indianapolisweddingphotographers039Sarah’s necklace is a family heirloom that belonged to Sarah’s grandmother. All the women in her family have worn it on their wedding day.indianapolisweddingphotographers040.indianapolisweddingphotographers041indianapolisweddingphotographers042indianapolisweddingphotographers043indianapolisweddingphotographers044indianapolisweddingphotographers045indianapolisweddingphotographers046indianapolisweddingphotographers047indianapolisweddingphotographers048indianapolisweddingphotographers049indianapolisweddingphotographers050indianapolisweddingphotographers051indianapolisweddingphotographers052indianapolisweddingphotographers053indianapolisweddingphotographers054indianapolisweddingphotographers055indianapolisweddingphotographers056indianapolisweddingphotographers057indianapolisweddingphotographers058indianapolisweddingphotographers059Thanks for a great day, Tyler and Sarah! Blessings to you!!

I remember reading a blog post from another photography team five years ago about the importance of insurance. They were robbed the night before a wedding. Disaster was averted when their local photography community loaned them equipment for the day, and thankfully, they were able to replace everything because of their insurance through Hill and Usher. We talked to Hill and Usher and were covered by a comprehensive policy shortly thereafter.

Last Saturday, we were in Nappanee, Indiana, celebrating with Tyler and Sarah. We joke about rain following us around, so we were thrilled to see a clear forecast for the day. We were also delighted to leave our stash of clear umbrellas, rain jackets, and all-weather boots (gear that has become all too common for us to lug along) at home.

Lesson #1: Always travel with rain gear—even when there’s no rain in the forecast.

We found a beautiful willow tree on the edge of a golf course and finished pictures with the family and bridal party. As everyone was leaving for the reception and we began shooting portraits of Tyler and Sarah, it began to rain—not a downpour, but more than a sprinkle—enough that we paused to take refuge under the tree. Troy ran to find some small umbrellas that happened to be in our car, and by the time he returned, the rain had picked up. Everyone was getting a little wet by now, but Tyler and Sarah were taking it in stride. We decided to hold out for a few minutes to see if it would pass, but it just kept raining harder.

Troy described us as lobsters in a pot coming to a slow boil. We didn’t realize how wet we were under the willow tree until it was too late! Although he was drenched, he was conscious of protecting his camera. It wasn’t too wet, and when the classic storytelling moment of Tyler and Sarah walking to their car presented itself, Troy raised his camera to capture it. The camera buzzed and groaned and went silent.

We ran to the car. Nothing.

We drove to the reception venue and dried it off thoroughly, and…still nothing.

I continued photographing a drenched Tyler and Sarah, while Troy attempted to solve the problem, and still…nothing from his camera.

We always have a backup. It’s never been used as a backup, but it’s always with us.

Thank goodness.

Lesson #2: Always travel with backup equipment.

Troy finished the wedding with his backup camera, and we ordered a new camera the next day. After a few conversations with Canon and the insurance company, everything will be taken care of.

Lesson #3: Make sure you have a comprehensive insurance plan for your business.

Our comprehensive plan has property covereage as well as liability. We felt very cared for by Hill & Usher. It’s been five days and our new camera is on my desk!

Here’s a little glimpse of what Troy captured with our backup 🙂 We can’t wait to show you more!