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Monthly Archives: February 2016

I met Daniel and Hayley a few weeks ago and knew immediately that I would love them. Just like my husband and me, they only dated a few months before getting engaged because “when you know, you know.” Ain’t that the truth! I can speak for that 16 years into my happy marriage!

They’re planning a Christmas wedding this year so naturally we wanted engagement pictures with snow, but Indiana has been so BROWN this winter, hasn’t it?! We decided to watch the forecast and plan for a last minute session if possible. Our wishes came true! It snowed, we found a time at the last minute (except for Troy– sorry Bud), and had a great time. Now, let me tell you something… Daniel is a bow hunter and Hayley has fully embraced this hobby. This is especially interesting to me because my husband was a bow hunter when we got married, but I never went hunting with him, never desired to go hunting with him, and never plan to go hunting with him. Hayley is obviously a better fiancee than I ever was!

We’re excited for December 10!