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When Kara talked to us about Hattie’s adoption birth story session, I was honored. It was a privilege to be invited into their home to tell this story for Hattie. Although we aren’t newborn photographers, we do photograph moments, emotions, and stories. So we decided to bend the rules for our friends!

Some days I’m overwhelmed by the blessing of my job. Troy and I are present in some of the biggest milestones in peoples’ lives, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. I think of Chad and Amanda’s maternity pictures, my nephew’s birth, and countless weddings.

To tell Hattie’s adoption birth story holds similar emotions for us. What a privilege.

Adoption Birth Story:

Jon and Kara adopted Phoebe seven years ago. They’ve had an open adoption with her birth mom, Lauren, since that time. Lauren and her family are a part of Jon, Kara, and Phoebe’s life. Jon, Kara, and Phoebe are a part of their lives. They’ve chosen this path, and it’s so beautiful to watch from the outside.

Last fall, Lauren called Kara. She was pregnant and wanted Jon and Kara to adopt the baby– Phoebe’s birth sister. I can’t even…

Hattie Elizabeth was born on March 28.

We had the honor of photographing Jon, Kara, Phoebe, Hattie, Lauren, and her daughter, Mya, when Hattie was five days old.

We wanted to honor Jon and Kara and give them images that celebrated their family and their new addition. We wanted to honor Lauren and her love for her daughters, and we wanted to honor the girls by giving them pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Here’s their story of beauty, sacrifice, love, connection, joy, selflessness, and strength.

I met Collin and Caroline last year and knew immediately that I wanted to photograph their wedding. They’re so easy going, fun-loving, and organized– a perfect combination for Troy and me! They had already chosen a Pipers at the Marott wedding.  We had enjoyed our time at this venue previously for Andrew and Nicole’s Pipers at the Marrott wedding.

We could not have planned for a more perfect March day in Indianapolis. The sun was shining, the trees were starting to bloom, and the temperature was as perfect as perfect could be!

The Couple

Collin and Caroline attended college a state apart and met while working at their first job as professional engineers. Shortly after they started working together, sparks were beginning to fly and Collin asked Caroline to go to a concert with he and a friend. She had a suspicion he was interested and let him know immediately that she was interested too. After a job transfer to North Carolina and time spent apart, they knew that this relationship was different. She returned to Indiana and the rest is history!

The Wedding

When I inquired about their vision for the wedding day, Collin told me, “Think CLOWNS and PARTIAL NUDITY…” There was a brief pause before I knew he was joking. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that response! In reality, their wedding was simple and classy– a celebration of their marriage and such a fun party with close family and friends.

Pipers at the Marott Weddingindianapolisweddingphotographers506

The First Look

The couple opted for a first look for many reasons, but this also allowed them to have time for plenty of pictures around Indianapolis!

indianapolisweddingphotographers507indianapolisweddingphotographers508indianapolisweddingphotographers509The Marott Wedding Photos

The Wedding Portraits



Indiana war memorial wedding photos
I love Troy’s unique perspective in the shot above!
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Pipers at the Marott Wedding Ceremony

Collin’s old roommate officiated the ceremony in the atrium of the Marott.

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Venue: Pipers at the Marott

Floral Design: Lilly Lane

Cake: The Cakehole

DJ: Midwest Sound

Transportation: Aadvanced Limousines

Hair & Makeup: Jacks Von Liria