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  • a sibling photography team in Indianapolis, Indiana

Honeywell Center Wedding | Indianapolis Photographers | Josh and Emily

A Wabash Presbyterian Church wedding. Charley Creek Gardens portraits. A Honeywell Center wedding

College Wesleyan Church Wedding | Indianapolis Photographers | Austin and Mickey

This College Wesleyan Church wedding made me grin from ear to ear. Let me explain why: About three

Caleb & Carli | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | The Neidhammer

A Neidhammer Wedding. Modern, romantic, classy. That’s how Carli described their wedding and

Why You Don’t Want RAW Files From Your Wedding

Can we have the RAW files from our wedding? I get asked this question a few times a year so I

Our Photography Style | Through the Years

During this time of year, we always clean our hard drives to prepare for wedding season. I get so

Why You Don’t Need a Shot List for Photographers on Your Wedding Day | Traci and Troy

When I was married, a shot list wasn’t something that was common to give your photographer

My Photography Office | Traci and Troy

When I first started my business in 2008 I quickly realized I needed a space designated for

The Importance of a First Look

It’s probably one of the biggest decisions you make about the wedding day. The First Look. I

How to Manage Stress on Your Wedding Day | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

When people discover I’m a wedding photographer, one of their first questions is,

The Tale of Two Ladies | A Personal Project

I’ve been thinking about this project for a while, and I told myself I would make it happen

Our Partnership | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

If you missed our post on Our Story, you may want to read about how our brother/sister photography

10 Things You May Not Know About Troy | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

Because Troy works part-time for Traci and Troy, he’s a bit more behind the scenes in the

12 Sentimental Ideas for Your Wedding Day

I wanted to wear an heirloom dress when I got married. The problem was that my parents married in

Shoot and Share Contest | Our Results and Why We Participate

For the past two years, we’ve participated in the Shoot and Share contest and it is SO MUCH

Their Rooms Tell Their Stories | A Personal Project

About a year ago, I discovered a photographer that took pictures of kids’ bedrooms in the

What lens and camera should I buy? | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

“I want to upgrade from my point and shoot camera. What lens and camera should I

How to Handle a Rainy Wedding Day

We all do it. Days before a wedding, we watch the forecast for RAIN because NO ONE wants rain on

So what’s our story? | Traci and Troy | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

“I could never work with my brother!” I’m not exaggerating when I say at least