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  • a sibling photography team in Indianapolis, Indiana

Paige, Iris, and Quinn:: Marion, IN Family Photographer

Upland may not have much to brag about, but I’ll tell you what, our wind could beat your wind

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church Wedding:: Indianapolis, IN:: Sean and Carrie

Today I marry my best friend. We’ve all heard that phrase before but Sean and Carrie really

"cause blue eyes i just wanna sing a song…"

Through the years, I love that I’ve gotten to hang out with high school friends, extended

"this love is a beautiful gift…"

I’ve learned something about myself as a photographer. My tagline is “authentic life.

Holyn: Class of 2012

When Holyn’s mom contacted me from Arkansas I knew I wanted to try to fit Holyn into my

The Palmer House Hilton: Peter & Allison

I met Peter and Allison a few months ago at their engagement session. Since that time, I’ve

Columbus Athenaeum Wedding: Tom & Annie

It was a celebration of family. It wasn’t just the joining together of “this man”

The Brackett Family

I had the privilege of spending a little time in downtown Indy with the Brackett Family. He was

My Lydia

It’s not to often I have the privilege of working with my own kids. I had a session with

"County fair, county fair, everybody in town’ll be there"

Do you know that Bruce Springsteen song? She called me the night before their session. “I

Taylor: Yorktown H.S.

Favorite! Well, maybe this one is… No. I think it’s this one 🙂 Oh so

Tim and Audra: Naperville, IL

They grew up about ten minutes from each other but never met. He was five years older and went to

Jay & Cristin: Lafayette, Indiana

Jay and Cristin are currently living in Alaska. She’s from Florida. They met while interning

Lakeside Rose Garden Wedding: Robb & Melissa

Robb and Melissa met in school. He was a young high school teacher. She was student teaching across


I had the privilege of shooting the July cover contest winner for Indy’s Child Magazine.

Scooter Girls

They’re cool. They’re fun. They’re silly. They’re

My Office

It’s my favorite room. It’s where I go to relax, unwind, and work! That sounds like an