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  • a sibling photography team in Indianapolis, Indiana

Ten Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Photographers | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

How do you differentiate between the good, better, and best? My first boss always said that the

A Valentine Photo Session | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

I’ve always made a valentine photo session a priority with my kids. I love that I have these

5 Smart Decisions Brides Make when Planning Their Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Brides have so many decisions to make– venues, invitations, wedding dresses, bridesmaid

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

I’ve never done an official introduction on our blog, and besides the biography on our

What’s In Our Bag? | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

When I first started photographing weddings in 2010, I remember reading photographers’ blogs

Bonhomme Presbyterian Church Wedding:: Strother and Sarah

We’re thrilled to share Strother and Sarah’s Bonhomme Presbyterian Church wedding with

Woman’s Club of Evanston Wedding:: Christian and Heidi

We loved everything about Christian and Heidi’s Chicago Tabernacle Wedding and Woman’s

Roseburg Event Center Wedding | Marion, Indiana | Daniel & Hayley

She always dreamed of a Christmas wedding and now we can understand why! Christmas trees adorned

Purdue Memorial Union Wedding: Gavin & Megan

We don’t shoot a lot of weddings in the winter, but this year is different! We have the

Fall Break

I almost didn’t bring my camera. I’m always conscious when I’m with my family

Tippecanoe Place Wedding | Miles and Cat

An Oliver Inn Wedding. A Tippecanoe Place Wedding Reception. An intimate gathering of family and

Marion, Indiana Engagement Session :: Andrew & Cecilia

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently, but we’re back with a Marion, Indiana

The Barn on Boundary Wedding| Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Lance & Mallory

The Barn on Boundary wedding. We’ve been anxious to shoot at this new venue that’s just

Marion Indiana Engagement Session | Miles and Cat

We were so excited to photograph this special couple’s Marion, Indiana engagement

First Baptist Church of Muncie Wedding| Christopher & Abby

Christopher and Abby dreamed of their classy, summary, romantic wedding at First Baptist Church of

The Skyline Club | Scott & Abbie

Scott and Abbie chose an elegant and classy Skyline Club wedding in Indianapolis. They met the

She’s 10!

We have a system in our family where we have birthday parties with friends every other year. I