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  • a sibling photography team in Indianapolis, Indiana

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My Photography Office | Traci and Troy

When I first started my business in 2008 I quickly realized I needed a space designated for

The Tale of Two Ladies | A Personal Project

I’ve been thinking about this project for a while, and I told myself I would make it happen

10 Things You May Not Know About Troy | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

Because Troy works part-time for Traci and Troy, he’s a bit more behind the scenes in the

Their Rooms Tell Their Stories | A Personal Project

About a year ago, I discovered a photographer that took pictures of kids’ bedrooms in the

So what’s our story? | Traci and Troy | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

“I could never work with my brother!” I’m not exaggerating when I say at least

A Valentine Photo Session | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

I’ve always made a valentine photo session a priority with my kids. I love that I have these

Fall Break

I almost didn’t bring my camera. I’m always conscious when I’m with my family

She’s 10!

We have a system in our family where we have birthday parties with friends every other year. I

Ezekiel Frederick

Almost three years ago I had the privilege of photographing my nephew’s birth. It was the

May you never be too old for a Valentine session

I have an annual tradition of taking my kids’ pictures for Valentine’s Day and using

my kids and our new special place

I must say this was COMPLETELY their idea. I think they’ve seen too many wedding

A special party for a special girl

A spa birthday party for a special girl


I’ve decided my son will be on Jeopardy someday. He’s always been bright, but as he’s gotten a bit

California Beauty

My husband had business to do in California so I decided to tag along. Why not, huh? While Mike was