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Their Rooms Tell Their Stories | A Personal Project

About a year ago, I discovered a photographer that took pictures of kids’ bedrooms in the 1990s. She wrote a book titled In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, and I was fascinated by the concept. Our childhood bedrooms speak so much about us, don’t they? I remember my teddy bear collection (don’t judge), the boombox that sat on the floor, my cream colored rotary dial phone, the pile of books next to my bed, the stickers on my closet door, the poster size picture of one of my best friends and me at a cross country meet… Looking back, it does tell my childhood story– my love of music, books, running, and talking 🙂 I committed myself to a personal project: documenting my kids’ bedrooms. They don’t understand yet. They think it’s a little crazy that Mom wants to take pictures of random things in their rooms.

I remember the stage when they started to fill their perfect decorated rooms with trinkets– when they started to have opinions about the room’s layout, the design, etc… Their rooms aren’t perfect anymore– they’re lived in and filled with their treasures– but they are part of their identities.

Their rooms tell their stories… their everyday, real life stories. Just as Salinger documented the 1990’s rooms “just as they are,” I wanted to do the same. Here’s a peek into Lydia’s world…



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