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10 Things You May Not Know About Troy | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

Mar 28, 2017

Because Troy works part-time for Traci and Troy, he’s a bit more behind the scenes in the daily operations, but he’s such an integral part of the wedding day! I’m going to speak more about our partnership on Friday’s blog post, but in the meantime, I thought it was important for you to discover a bit more about the man that takes so many of my favorite Traci and Troy images. Here’s 10 things you may not know about Troy in his own words:

1) I’m a family man. I’ve been married to my wife, Ashley, for almost 13 years. We’ve traveled together, lived in three very different places (Arkansas, Seattle, and now Indiana), and we’ve done graduate school and lots of different jobs over the years. But by far our biggest and best adventure has been our kids: Our daughter Calais is 7, our son Salem is 4, and our son Zeke is almost 2.

2) I’m a full-time mental health therapist. Technically, I’m a relational, psychodynamic psychotherapist in private practice with a leaning towards attachment, existentialism, object-relations, and self-psychology … but who’s asking? My interests right now are focused on trauma, neuroscience, the integrated self, and the benefits of mindfulness practices. If you can’t tell from the last two sentences, I can really geek out on therapy. I love that we’re all infinitely complicated, and at the same time, we’re surprisingly simple – we just want to be loved, understood, and connected with our selves and others. I’m grateful that I have the privilege to participate in others’ lives in the sacred space of therapy.

3) I’m a hobbyist woodworker. About five years ago, I decided I wanted to get into woodworking. Christmas, birthdays, extra spending cash – it’s all gone to buying tools, and for awhile, I hoarded every piece of free lumber I could find. I’ve finally graduated to rough cut hardwoods now, and in my basement, I’m drying lumber from an ash tree and a silver maple cut from our yard. If three years of drying goes well, I may end up with a dining table made by me from a tree from our own yard – now that’s idyllic. Shout out to Marc Spagnuolo at The Wood Whisperer for his many educational videos that have given me a fighting chance at being halfway decent at this hobby!

4) Podcasts are my new obsession. If you talk to me for 30 minutes, it’s inevitable that I will mention something about a podcast I’ve been listening to. Science, theology, philosophy, politics – I’ll consume anything in those areas. Some of my favorites: Ask Science Mike, On Being, Between Us: A Psychotherapy Podcast, Freakonomics Radio, Hidden Brain, The Liturgists, NPR Politics, On the Media, Planet Money, The RobCast, Science Vs, This American Life, Radiolab, TED Radio Hour, and You Are Not So Smart, to name a few 🙂

5) I’m a wannabe vegan. Most people look at me like I’m crazy when I say that. I get it. Veganism is extreme, and I crave dairy, especially cheese … and ice cream. And there’s nothing like a good pair of worn, leather boots. But I’ve watched too many documentaries about our systems of factory farming to not be disturbed. I currently eat about 90% vegetarian, so we’ll see if I can transition to vegan here in the future…

6) I live in a Craftsman-style home built almost 100 years ago. Our family moved into this home three years ago, and we are s-l-o-w-l-y making progress on updating it all. If you’ve owned an old home, you know what it’s like — there is always something else that needs done, but the character and charm are irreplaceable. Our current project: I’m building a set of built-in bookshelves with base cabinets in our living room, and we’re starting to plan for a full kitchen remodel. My dream is to build the kitchen cabinets myself, but Ashley is voting for the ease of IKEA.

7) I love Legos. When my kids discovered Legos, I was like a kid at Christmas all over again. My boys are obsessed with Star Wars Legos, and I spend lots of time in the evenings having minifigure lightsaber battles and rebuilding the sets for Salem that have been destroyed by Zeke. “We’re from the planet Duplo, and we’re here to destroy you.” Yep, that’s Zeke.

8) My heart is in Seattle. Ashley and I moved to Seattle in 2007 so I could pursue a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. We lived in Seattle for 5 years, and part of our hearts will always be there. We made beautiful friendships, we lived close to the water, we saw the mountains every day, we drank great coffee, we hiked and snowshoed, we embraced a totally different culture, and our first baby was born there. I’ve always said that the city has a personality, and I miss it as deeply as I miss my dear friends.

9) Pull-ups are my favorite exercise. Like Traci, I love Beachbody workouts, but I don’t have the breadth of experience that she has. She’s completed quite a few of the programs, but I’m purely a Tony Horton guy. I got my first experience with Tony’s P90X in 2010, and I quickly developed a love for pull-ups – good thing because he does them A LOT. After kids came, it was difficult to carve 60-90 minutes out of my day, so I was giddy when his 30-minute P90X3 workout series arrived. Like always, I pushed it hard on the pull-ups until, unfortunately, I strained something in my elbow. Nine months later and I’m still nursing it. Tony says that aging is for people who don’t know better, but my lingering injuries would beg to differ. That being said, I’m not giving up. Pull-up bar, I’m still coming for you.

10) I’m indecisive. About almost everything. I recently listened to the Personality Hackers podcast about my Myers-Briggs type (ENFP). One main emphasis on my type was indecisiveness due to the world being full of possibilities. ENFP’s struggle to make decisions because so many other alternatives are also appealing. I laughed when I heard that. I always thought it was a bit weird that I hated long menus with too many options at restaurants, but turns out, I’m just a regular ol’ ENFP.




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