Adam and Amanda | Newfields Engagement Session

So many couples request a Newfields engagement session and I understand why! It’s such a beautiful place to shoot regardless of the season. I can’t wait to photograph this beautiful couple at their June wedding!

How They Met

“Adam and I met using the Hinge dating app. I saw his profile and thought he was simply the cutest.  His comments were hilarious, and I instantly fell in love with a photo of his dog, Mason.  On our first date we found out we had multiple friends in common, but I guess our paths just weren’t meant to cross until then.”

How He Proposed

“Our proposal happened on an August Saturday.  However, months before the big day, I [Adam] was working with my sister-in-law to begin slowly dripping small pieces of information to Amanda over weeks about an upcoming trip my brother and SIL were planning to Chicago (they live in NYC). Fast forward to the big day, I had planned to have my SIL take Amanda to get her nails done early in the afternoon before I popped the question. As luck would have it, Amanda woke up with a sinus infection and it was pouring rain outside. This was troublesome as the proposal was happening outside on our roof deck. As such, I spent the majority of the morning getting Amanda to take several hot showers, baths, and steams while pumping her full of meds to ensure she would make her nail appointment. After all the work, she made it to the nail appointment. After the appointment, she came back to our condo, to find a rose petal path up to our roof deck where I asked the question.

After the proposal I had several other surprises for Amanda. First was a dinner with both of our entire families. This is was special as several members of the family traveled to Chicago for the big day! After dinner, I “suggested” we go to a bar nearby where Amanda and I had our second date. Unbeknownst to Amanda, we had over 40 of our closest friends from all of over the country waiting on us for a surprise engagement party.  It was an awesome finish to the day that started in a very “Murphy’s Law” manner.”

Newfields Engagement Session

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