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How to Handle a Rainy Wedding Day

Feb 24, 2017

We all do it. Days before a wedding, we watch the forecast for RAIN because NO ONE wants rain on their wedding day, right? It was two years ago when it felt like most of our weddings were in the rain. We became self-professed rainy wedding experts that year, and we learned a few things. Yes, rain is considered good luck on your big day, but it’s also an opportunity for an amazing story with a celebration like no other! Here’s our favorite tips on how to handle a rainy wedding day!

1. Plan Ahead

This is undoubtedly where a professional wedding planner is invaluable. We worked with Sarah of Plum and Poppy at Katie and Kevin’s rainy wedding in June. Katie was free to enjoy the day regardless of the weather; Sarah was available to make alternate arrangements and execute Plan B while working with the venue, rental company, florist, musicians, videographer, and the other vendors! A professional planner makes sure all your bases are covered on the wedding day. She is also aware of vendors’ contracts. What about your string musicians? What happens if a florist’s vase falls over and breaks from the wind? If you’re not working with a professional planner, please keep these things in mind. Delegate someone outside your family that can help execute your Plan B!

2. Embrace It

The way we see it, you have two choices:

1. To be stressed about the rain
2. To embrace the rain.

We know that after months of planning it can be disappointing when things don’t go as expected. Sadness is a natural emotion; we understand you will be frustrated. We would encourage you to collect yourself, realize it’s out of your control, and then make the most of it!

CHOOSE to find JOY and embrace the day! Your attitude will set the tone for the entire wedding. If you celebrate the rain and choose joy, your bridal party and guests will join you!

3. Trust us

We have to be overly prepared to shoot in pouring rain. Depending on your location and the amount of rainfall, we have three options:

option 1: Go outside with umbrellas. We always travel with clear umbrellas that won’t cast shadows on your faces. We also travel with a white sheet to protect the bottom of your dress if needed!

option 2: Find a covered porch. WE will stand in the rain, but you won’t have to!

option 3: Go inside. With a heavy rain falling during Tyler and Sarah’s portrait time, we opted for portraits at their reception venue.

Ross and Kaitlyn’s outside wedding was the epitome of a rainy wedding and if we ever write a book, their story deserves a whole chapter! I think brides can learn from this incredible story!

“I have heard of other brides having the moment when a family member or bridal party member walks up to them and says the words ‘Don’t panic but….’ and it usually ends with ‘so-and-so forgot their shoes’ or ‘she doesn’t have a bouquet.’ On my wedding day, I woke up and the first words I heard were, ‘Don’t panic, but we have no power.’  The wedding venue was on my parent’s property so no power at home meant no power for our venue. Did I mention the no power situation was caused by rain, and I am not talking about a slight sprinkle or drop here and there, I am talking about a torrential downpour the entire night leading up to the wedding and a steady rain still continuing that morning?! My outdoor, June 27 wedding was nothing what we had planned, but let me be the first to tell you that it is everything I could have hoped for!

To say my parents and I planned the wedding would be an understatement. Although the wedding was on our property, it was in the middle of a field so we did a lot of preparation work including building bathrooms, putting in a drive for people to enter the field off the road, building a platform for Ross and I to get married on, cutting down dead trees, renting a tent, and the list goes on and on. In all of the preparation, we planned for extreme heat and light drizzle, but we could have never imagine a ‘monsoon’ as my mom now calls it. The ‘monsoon’ and losing power were just the beginning of our problems. The tent started to fall down, our vendors were not able to get their vehicles & equipment back to the tent because of the mud, the field parking was too muddy, and my morning walk through the tent consisted of muddy rain boots and a heavy sweatshirt drenched in rain. My dad asked me during the walk-through if we needed to find a new location. After looking at my white table cloths and chair covers with mud soaking the bottoms, the decorated tables with all of their contents blown over, and the once grass turned to mud puddles, I looked at him with a smile on my face and said, ‘It’s happening!’

At the end of the day I was going to be married to the man of my dreams; nothing else mattered. I had always dreamed of getting married by my family’s pond; I did not want the rain to ruin my dream, and it didn’t. For the rest of the day the smile never left my face. 

As I finished getting ready and put on my beautiful wedding dress the rain slowed to a drizzle but the sky was still gloomy. I was no longer worried about the rain but worried how the skies would affect the photos, and as if on cue, Traci and Troy walked in with huge smiles on their faces saying, ‘You might think we are crazy, but this is perfect photography weather. And we have our umbrellas!’ From then on nothing would dampen the day. Ross and I had our first look in the rain and wind. Guests arrived dressed in their wedding attire but finished their looks off with tennis shoes or flip flops accounting for the mud. Everyone was embracing the mud and wind and when the rain stopped, everyone started pitching in to get the ceremony space ready. Our wedding had become an effort of the masses.

Looking back now, I can truly say the rain helped make my day special. Many of the things I loved about our wedding happened because of the rain. For instance, originally, we planned on having the chairs from the tent carried out for the ceremony, but because the chairs would sink in the ground, everyone stood for our ceremony. It felt so special to not only have everyone we loved watching us profess our love and commitment to each other but having them stand around us as if they were all giving us a huge hug and embracing us from all angles. The rain made our day more casual, fun, and personal. Almost two years later we look back and can do nothing but laugh about everything that could have been a disaster but turned out amazing. I look back at the photographs that Traci and Troy took, and I can do nothing but smile from ear to ear. I would not change anything even if I could. My wedding was more than I could have hoped for, and I can thank the rain for that!”


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