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Indianapolis Engagement Session | Elliott and Lana

Nov 30, 2017

Our timing was perfect. Elliott and Lana live in New York and are getting married in Ohio next summer, but after our first conversation the week before Thanksgiving, we realized they just happened to be visiting family near Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, I just happened to be free on the same day, and the weather just happened to be as perfect as can be for an Indianapolis engagement session in November!

I love their story. Here it is in Lana’s words,

“At the Denison University pre-orientation for freshmen, there was a breakfast hosted on the academic quad to kick off our arrival. My roommate was the only person I had met so far, so we each grabbed a plate and sat on the steps of a nearby academic building. Another guy was sitting there also. A student carrying some boxes came up the stairs and asked her mother to open the door, but the guy sitting on the steps got it for her first. The student said, ‘Thanks, Mom!’ and we all giggled. I called that guy ‘Mom’ for the first couple of weeks of school.

‘Mom’ and I lived in the same building our freshman year and proceeded to have at least one class together each semester. ‘Mom’s’ real name was Elliott (don’t forget the second t!) and we said all of four words to each other those first two years, despite having met so early on. Our junior year, we were the only two students from Denison studying abroad in Japan. We didn’t know each other well, but being so far from home and the only ones from our university there, we met up a couple of times in Tokyo. I thought our encounters would be very awkward, but I was pleasantly surprised when Elliott was so easy to talk to, and extremely easy to get along with.

After our time abroad, we went back to Denison for our senior year. When we got there, campus and the people on it seemed unchanged, while our time in Japan had made us see the world in a different way. With this new shared experience, we ended up spending a lot of time together those first few weeks back on campus, and with the famous words… ‘Um… Would you like to go out on a date sometime?’ … the rest is history! We’ve been dating since that day on October 2, 2009 so… 8 years.”

We can’t wait to document their wedding day on Denison University‘s campus next June!

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  1. Annette and Charles/Dad Brichford says:

    Lovely photos of a lovely couple! Lana is already a member of the family, but we are so looking forward to the wedding.

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