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Luke and Macey | Newfields Engagement Session

Aug 16, 2018

I loved Luke and Macey the moment I met them, and I’m so thrilled we’re a part of their day next March. Macey suggested a Newfields engagement session and I happily obliged because it’s GORGEOUS. We finished the evening at 100 Acre Woods so their adorable cockapoo puppy, Kip, could join in the fun!

Here’s their story!

How They Met

“Luke and I are from the same hometown. We grew up going to rival high schools. We knew each other in passing but never thought much of one another. Later on, years later, we ‘re-met’ at a college party. The chemistry was instant! It’s crazy what a few years can do to a man 🙂 We started dating but a few months in, Luke got an offer for his dream job in California. We didn’t know how it would work but we really wanted it to! We did distance for almost 2 years. I flew out there once a month. It was such an amazing time in our relationship. We grew so much because although we couldn’t spend much time with one another, we talked for at least an hour every day (I can’t even say we do that now).

After I graduated from IU, I moved to Oakland to be with Luke. California was the opposite of what our relationship had been for the past 2 years. We were together, constantly, because we only knew a few people! We went somewhere new every weekend. We met new friends, tried new things, everything was new! It was awesome. The Bay Area will forever remind me of all our ‘firsts.’ I will forever hold those ‘first’ memories close to my heart. I felt like it was us against the world. However, we always knew we wanted to be back in our home state should we ever get the opportunity, and what do ya know! God led us home! :)”

How He Proposed

“After being home for a year, Luke planned a trip back out to the west coast to a city we never got to visit while we lived there: Vancouver. We packed our bags and headed there for NYE. At the airport, I felt something hard and cube-like in his coat pocket. Which, when asked, he said was a ‘charging cube’ (great on his feet, that Luke). On our second day there, we headed up to Whistler to snow mobile. After snow mobiling, we were supposed to take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain, which was cancelled. Luke, who is very even tempered, was extremely upset. We decided to try out the igloo room at one of the resorts, instead. After having a few drinks, Luke began to say really nice things of which I cannot remember. And then, suddenly, he was down on one knee! The rest is history. Here come the Duncans!”

And here they are!

Newfields Engagement Session

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