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Our Photography Style | Through the Years

Apr 25, 2017

During this time of year, we always clean our hard drives to prepare for wedding season. I get so nostalgic looking through years of pictures and the couples that mean so much to us. Although our working style is quite the same, the visible differences in our photography style are evident.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our very first weddings!

Our past work has led us to the work we do today. Each year we have new goals to accomplish. There may be something technical we want to master or a weakness we’d like to improve. Two years ago, one of our goals was to become more conscious of wedding photography trends and to stay away from them! This was a product of reading Justin and Mary’s Lighting Guide where they told the story of Justin’s parents’ wedding photos and brandy snifters. Yes, you read that correctly: brandy snifters. The trend in the late 1970s was to superimpose the couple’s heads into glassware such as brandy snifters. They were popular at the time, but today we laugh at the thought!

That made us think. What’s today’s version of a brandy snifter? Where are we too trendy in our work? All photos will naturally look outdated at some point, but what can we do to assure they don’t look outdated because of something WE’VE done. Justin and Mary speak of the “kid v. grandkid standard.” What kind of pictures will our kids and grandkids want framed in their homes someday? Which pictures will they laugh at because of something WE did?

There was a definite shift in how we approached the wedding day at the beginning of June in 2015. We want to tell the wedding story in a modern way, but we seek to be more classy in our posing, in our post processing, and even in our camera angles.

We feel like we “found ourselves” at that time. And even though we plan to keep stretching and reaching and improving, we want to do it through the lens of classy, timeless images, and post processing that mimics what your eyes see.

We’re proud of each step we’ve taken, the goals we’ve accomplished along the way, and where we’ve landed. We’ll continue to pursue excellence while striving to pass the grandkid test!

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