12 Sentimental Ideas for Your Wedding Day

I wanted to wear an heirloom dress when I got married. The problem was that my parents married in 1972, and my mother’s dress was adorned with lace daisies and a high collar. It also rained the day of the their wedding. The dress got caught in the car door leaving the reception and was drug through mud. My mom didn’t clean it; she wanted it to stay JUST THE WAY IT WAS!

So yeah, my mother’s dress wasn’t an option.

My in-laws passed away shortly after we were married. At their estate auction, a family friend purchased a wood chest. We didn’t know it, but my mother-in-law’s wedding dress was inside! Fortunately, the friends gave the dress back to us. My in-laws were married in the late 60s and the dress is perfect– a classy, timeless, tea length gown with ¾ length sleeves and a boat neck. I sometimes wonder why my mother-in-law kept quiet about her dress. Perhaps she didn’t want to put me in an awkward position if I didn’t like it. It’s in our attic for my daughter to wear someday if she chooses.

Why was wearing an heirloom dress important to me? I’ve always been sentimental, and I love the idea of bringing a LEGACY of commitment into a wedding day. Sentimental items remind of us of the marriages that have gone before us. They’re a way to honor our HERITAGE.

But how do you incorporate sentimental items into your wedding day regardless of your wedding day style? A table with family wedding pictures is common, but what else?

Here’s some ideas we’ve gathered:

12 Sentimental Ideas for your Wedding Day

1. Reuse a cake topper from a relative’s wedding. Josh and Jocelyn’s cake topper was a family heirloom at their classy, romantic wedding.

2. Wrap lace from a loved one’s wedding dress around your bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, and/or the boutonnieres.

3. Wear your mother’s veil or a layer of your mother’s veil. Sarah wore her mother’s veil and it was perfect!

4. Sew a heart cut from your father’s or grandfather’s blue dress shirt on the inside of your dress. It can be your something blue!

5. And speaking of something blue, embroider your wedding date on the inside hem of your wedding dress with blue thread.

6. Add heirloom broaches to your bridal bouquet. Women at Delaina’s bridal shower gave her broaches that she used in her winter wedding bouquet.

7. Add photo charms of family members to your bouquet.

8. Ask your grandmothers to be your flower girls!

9. Wear a loved one’s ring in addition to yours. Abbie had the honor of wearing this cameo ring as her “something old.” It was originally Scott’s great grandfather’s. His grandmother, great aunt, mother, and two aunts all wore it on their wedding days!

10. Ask grandparents to participate in the wedding ceremony. They could play an instrument, read scripture, publicly pray for the couple during the ceremony, etc.

11. Wear a special piece of jewelry from a loved one. Kate wore her grandmother’s diamond.

12. Hire an artist to paint or draw your ceremony as it’s taking place.

What else would you add to the list?

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