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The Importance of a First Look

Apr 14, 2017

It’s probably one of the biggest decisions you make about the wedding day. The First Look.

I think brides originally choose a First Look because they don’t want to keep their guests waiting at the reception, but there are so many other reasons.  We believe a First Look isn’t just advantageous to your guests, it can be advantageous to you and your groom too!

I have two disclaimers: 1. You’ll be happy to know I’ve talked to no bride and groom that regretted their first look decision– whether they chose to have one or not. Rest assured, you can’t make a bad decision!  2. We prefer First Looks, but if you choose not to have one, that is 100% fine with us! We’re working for you and will respect your decision.

With that said, here are often overlooked reasons for First Looks:

1) The Pace. Overall, the pace of the wedding day is much different with a First Look. When you wait for your bride and groom portraits until after the ceremony, there’s a rush to finish the pictures so you can get to the reception on time. Managing family dynamics during family formals is stressful but needing to do them quickly so you can rush to get SOME pictures of the two of you before you need to be introduced at the reception, can be a lot to handle. With a First Look, you spend 45-90 minutes alone with each other and then have more time with your wedding party before the ceremony begins. Most of the time, it’s slower paced, allowing you time to have fun and treasure every moment!

2. Alone Time. Your wedding day is a whirlwind. There are so many people to see and so many emotions to experience and remember. First Looks allow you to be together on your wedding day. When you see each other beforehand you’ll spend 45-90 minutes with Troy and me during your portraits. I love when couples acknowledge this time is one of their favorite times of their wedding day. You get to spend time TOGETHER– snuggling, kissing– and if your portrait location is somewhat private, this can be a very meaningful time!

3) The Nerves.  As you prepare to become one, it’s only natural you want to be together during stressful situations. We don’t want to think about it, but your wedding day may not go as planned. Perhaps it’s storming and you have an outside wedding planned, maybe you don’t like the way your hair looks, or maybe a family member is frustrating you. There’s something so calming about just BEING TOGETHER on your wedding day. We see it time and time again; after a First Look, there’s a relief– a joy– and none of it matters anymore.

4) The Moment. Couples may think they lose THE MOMENT of seeing each other when they walk down the aisle. The feeling is overwhelming, but guess what? It’s overwhelming regardless. After I’ve spent time with a couple during a First Look, I still get goosebumps and tears in my eyes when that bride walks down the aisle. THE MOMENT IS NOT LOST if you’ve had a First Look. You hear the processional song. Your wedding party and groom stares at you from the front. Your guests all stand. Your groom sees you walk down the aisle. It’s an amazing moment at every wedding regardless!

5) The Photos. With a First Look, we plan for at least 45 minutes with our couple before the ceremony. These will most likely be your favorites photos of the day– the ones you decorate your home with, the ones framed in your parents’ homes. This time before the ceremony assures that you’re getting the most of your investment in us. There is a natural tendency to feel rushed and distracted if you wait to take photos until after the ceremony. True, intimate images most often happen before the ceremony.

We love First Looks. We’ve seen their benefit over and over again, and we hope this helps you think through what’s best for you, but remember our disclaimers:

1) You’ll love whatever you decide to do.

2) We’ll love whatever you decide to do too!

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