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Neidhammer Wedding | Nathan and Amy

Nov 29, 2017

Nathan and Amy wanted a simple Neidhammer wedding where the emphasis was on the vows they were speaking before God, their family, and their friends.

The Couple

“Nathan and I met at Crossroads Community church in 2011, but we officially didn’t start dating until the Spring of 2016 while we both were serving with the youth ministry. Nathan and I were encouraged by my brother-in-law to simply get to know each other better as friends. Being the gentleman that he is, Nathan went and asked my father for permission to date me, and they continued to meet every so often during our season of dating/friendship building! We intentionally decided that we would date at least 1 year before taking the next step in our relationship, and even though we’re an “older” couple, we are so thankful that we did take that time. Nathan and I had both longed to be married for many, many years. We had both individually done some wrestling with the Lord during our season of singleness and been challenged to wait for His perfect timing for a spouse.

My season of singleness was spent traveling internationally to do missions work, work at Riley Hospital, and intentionally investing into the lives of my family. The Lord has given me so many incredible opportunities to be apart of my nieces and nephews lives over the years, and I have loved by Aunt Amy to them! I have personally learned that relationships take intentionality, but they are SO worth the investment. Because the time has been there for me to be a part of all of my nieces and nephews lives, it was really difficult for me to decide who to have be apart of the wedding. So….I just decided (and then talked with Nathan)…about having all 27 of my nieces and nephews be a part of the ceremony in some way! I know that’s a lot, but I just couldn’t decide!”

Because of the young kids and their schedules, Nathan and Amy choose a morning wedding. I always ask our couples what is important to them in their wedding photos and Amy said, “family.” With that in mind, we so enjoyed our time with this special couple and feel honored we could take part in their day. Here’s a few of our favorites:

The First Look

Rather than a typical first look, Nathan and Amy chose to read letters and exchange presents without seeing one another– escalating the anticipation of their actual first look!

The Wedding Portraits

Soon after the sun came up, we traveled to the Indiana War Memorial for their wedding portraits. Yes, it’s November, and yes, it was cold, but these two were a complete joy and chose “momentary displeasure for a lifetime of beautiful photos!”

Neidhammer Wedding Ceremony

We don’t share a lot of formal family images on the blog, but how could I NOT show this special picture with Amy (and now Nathan’s) 27 nieces and nephews!

Neidhammer Wedding Reception

Nathan and Amy, blessings to you as you begin your life together!


Ceremony and Reception venue: The Neidhammer

Bride’s Dress: The Posie Patch

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: JF J Ferrar

Cake: A Piece of Cake

Catering: Onsite Catering

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  1. Marshall says:

    Such great work! Beautiful photography!

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