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Unplugged weddings: a few things to consider

Feb 5, 2018

We’ve never promoted the idea of unplugged weddings, but as the world is changing and life seems to live through camera phones, I thought this topic would be important to discuss so you can make your own informed decision for your wedding.

Just to clarify– an unplugged wedding is a wedding with no digital distractions– cell phones, cameras, and social media. It allows your guests to unplug from the world and be present with you.

So what are the advantages?
1. Less distractions: Most guests want to get the perfect shot of you walking down the aisle for their social media. The problem? Instead of seeing their faces as you walk the aisle to your groom, you see their phones! This also distracts from our professional photos. Imagine the shot of you walking down the aisle. Do you want to see phones and ipads in front of your guests or do you want to see your guests’ faces?

2. Presence: We all know it. Sometimes we put our phones away to be emotionally present. This translates to your wedding too.

3. Our professional photos won’t be compromised. It hasn’t happened to us YET, but I frequently see photos on photography forums when a camera phone flash interrupts a photographer’s flash at the moment of the kiss. In addition, Aunt Sally steps in the center aisle to get the perfect kiss shot and steps in front of a photographer’s view at the last moment. You’ve hired us to do our job, but sometimes well-meaning friends and relatives with phones and ipads can interrupt our photographs.

But here’s the flip side: You may WANT your friends’ photos. You may want to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. Even with the two of us, we can’t be everywhere all at once. Your guests’ photos can be a lovely addition to our wedding gallery.

Having an entire unplugged wedding may be unnecessary, but an unplugged ceremony is something to consider. Some brides have discussed this idea with me and always question how they can kindly communicate their unplugged wishes to their guests.

Some couples choose to display this on a message board near the entrance. Others write a small message in the program.

Here are some ideas:

  • Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. We invite you to be fully present with us. Please turn off all cameras and cell phones.
  • Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. Please turn off all cameras & cell phones and enjoy this special moment with us.
  • As a courtesy, please turn off all cell phones and cameras for the duration of the ceremony.
  • There are many more ideas on Pinterest.

    A few years ago, Stephanie and Casey chose to have their officiant make a statement at the beginning of the ceremony. He directed that everyone should take out their cell phones for one picture of the happy couple before putting their devices away for the rest of the ceremony. Their guests laughed. It was a fun way to deliver the message.

    What’s your opinion?

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