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Our Partnership | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Traci and Troy

Mar 31, 2017

If you missed our post on Our Story, you may want to read about how our brother/sister photography team began, but I thought I’d explain more about our partnership on the wedding day. If you’ve followed our work, you know I sing the praises of Troy. He’s so much more than a second shooter; Troy is my shooting partner, and I love his work. We are a wedding photography TEAM.

We each have our roles we play on a wedding day. We have our system–and as one couple said on their review for “The Knot,” we have “our own language!” I know when he’s loving the shot and when he’s uninspired. He knows when I’m changing lenses and need him to take the lead. Our whole system happened organically. Interestingly, we never discussed our roles on a wedding day; they just happened. Here’s a look at our partnership and why two shooters are an advantage to any bride and groom!

(In each of the following images, I shot the image on the left, and Troy created the image on the right.)

1. We can focus on details. While I’m focusing on the “can’t miss” shots, Troy focuses on all the details– the bouquet, dress, jewelry, etc.

2. We can take risks. Troy’s images are typically my favorite, and I don’t mind admitting it! I orchestrate the shot– find the locations, analyze the light, create the pose, communicate with our bride and groom, and photograph what may be seen as more “typical.” You can depend on me! But Troy is our risk taker. He tries different perspectives, angles, etc. As with any risks, some do not work, but when they do, WOW!

3. We can provide two perspectives. We seek to look at things differently. We often use a different lens or stand in a different place. MOST of the time, I shoot full length while Troy is closer to our couples.

4. We can be in two places at once. Not only can we split up for getting ready shots, but we can be in two places during a ceremony and divide our time between family formals and shooting details in an empty reception room.
We know this day is one moment in time. There are so many events and emotions happening at the same time, and we’re grateful we can depend on one another to capture the fullness and richness of these days for our couples!

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