My Story

Welcome, friends!

Most days you’ll find me in my workout clothes with my hair in a bun and my favorite cockapoo curled at my feet. I’ve been married for 24 years and we’re 1.5 years away from being empty nesters! Our kids turn 18 and 21 this year so I know all too well the importance of documenting life through a camera. Life goes so quickly, and as I simultaneously mourn and celebrate my kids getting older, I’m so thankful for photographs.

I was inspired to start my business when I took my spirited first child to a portrait studio as a toddler where he was expected to stand still and smile adorably on a narrow, tall block without falling off. I knew I could take better photos of him so I committed myself to learning the trade! Soon I was smitten with the art form. It wasn’t long before I owned a Canon Rebel, two lenses, and officially started my business. That seems like a lifetime ago now! I had a dream, and that dream changed my life.

“They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional, yet down-to-earth and easygoing. .”